Malayaman The Respectable Kallar Kings

A dynasty of Chiefs With a Kallar Family Name Malayaman (MalayarKulattaraiyar) Where Ruling Part of Tamilnadu  From Sangam till 13th Century, there are Plenty of records pertaining to this Dynasty in Tamil Literature and South Indian Inscriptions. And the coinage of malayaman  where also found in Tamilnadu.

Malayaman in Sangam literature

In Sangam literature it is Mentioned Tirumudikari, a Malaiyaman king who defeated Valvil Ori, assisted Cheras in routing Athigaman, eventually killed by Chola Killivalavan. It also mentions of his son Thervann Malaiyan, a Malaiyaman chief who fought alongside Perunarkilli Chola to defeat Cheral Irumporai (Irumporai Cheras). Vastly, Cholas and Cheras controlled the destiny in times.

Reference in Copper Plate Grant

A Princes From The Malayaman (Malavarayar) Clan, VanavanMahadevi, mother of Raja Raja Chola the Great, Commited Sati at the Kings Death and her Image was installed by Kundavai Nachchiyaar in Prahadeshvarar Temple

Coinage of Malayaman

Malayamans  issued copper coins of quadrilateral shape which carried their royal emblem "Horse" sometime facing left or sometime to right. In some of the older coins (early coins) a legend "Malayaman" above the horse motif decorated the coin obverse. Most of their coins, on the reverse carried the symbolical map of their territory "A wide curved river with fishes flowing in it, and a hillock on side of the river". This basically depicts the kind of territory they ruled. The Malayaman coins generally weighed between 2 to 4 gms and are of thin fabric unlike the contemporary Cheras.

Reference in South Indian Inscriptions

No. 105 (Page No 94)
(A. R. No. 105 of 1906)
South Arcot District, Tirukkoyilur Taluk, Jambai
Jambunatha Temple-On The Same Wall
Vikrama-Chola-8th Year (A.D. 1125-6). 

This is built in at the beginning of each line. It seems to record a gift of the taxes Sirupadikaval and Silvari on lands at Tagadi a devadana village on the Southern bank of the Pennai for the mantraponagam offering to the deity during the early morning service in the temple of Tirukkarrali-Mahadeva at Senbai, by Sagarayan Anupaman Kulottungasola-Malaiyakularayan the [Malayaman] chief of Kiliyur in Tirumunaippadi Kunrattur-nadu a division of Gangaikondasola-valanadu.

No. 102 (Page No. 92)
(A. R. No. 102 Of  1906)
South Arcot District, Tirukkoyilur Taluk, Jambai
Jambunatha Temple-On The Wall Of The Same Shrine
Tribh. Kulottunga-Chola (III)-14th Year (A.D. 1191-2). 

This records the endowment of a wetland as devadana to the temple of Tirukkapalisvaram-Udaiyar at Sanbai alias Virarajendrapuram on the northern bank of the Pennai in Vanagoppadi a division of Rajarajavalanadu by SediyarayanAkarasuran alias Rajagambhirach-Chediyarayan the Malayaman chief of Kiliyur. Rajagambhira was a title of Rajaraja II (M.E.R. 1927, Part II, para 25)