V.Gopalswamy Ragunatha Rajaliar

V.gopalswamy Ragunatha Rajaliar was a Pilanthropist, Tamil scholar and researcher, Founder of Saraswathy Mahal Library, Tamil Patriot, President of indra kuladibar sangam. and a key person in the establishment of Madurai Tamil sangam
Early Life.

V.gopalswamy Rajaliar was born in 1870 at Arituvaramangalam in Tanjure District, Tamilnadu, to Vasudeva Ragunatha Rajaliar, in a wealthy 
Kalar Family. He did his Schooling in Tanjure and kudanthai, but his Father Vasudeva Ragunatha Rajaliar’s death drive him to abandon his studies.

Tamil scholar and researcher

He Started a Library and Hospital (for helping poors); he collected lot of books for his library and made plenty of Tamil, English and Sanskrit books archived in the library.
Thiruvaduturai adeenam after seeing plenty of books in his Library named his Library as Saraswathy Mahal.
For explanatory translation of Purananuru
U. V. Swaminatha Iyer  was searching for Purananuru poems, found some poems were missing, later he got it from Rajaliar’s Library only, that he also portrayed in his introduction for his book.
He was in close relation with many Tamil scholar and researcher also he himself as being knowledgeable in Literature of three languages (Tamil, Sanskrit and English), he was in close Relation with
Maraimalai Adigal, and he was the first person who donated Maraimalai Adigal.
Scholar Arasan Sanmuhanar in his Book Tholkapiya Panviruthi Praised Rajaliar that he was the person who helped him when he was sick by providing free consultation and medicine in his Hospital and donated for completion of his book, he also stated his Knowledge in medicine.
Rajaliar has donated a lot of his wealth for, Tamil Literature, charities. The main financial assistance to the Madurai Thamil Sangam, established by
Pandithurai Thevar in 1901 came from Thondaman and Rajaliar only. He followed traditional role of the Kallar and Maravar kings and chieftains of Tamil Nadu as the patrons of Tamil poets and pundits. 

Social Welfare

He joined in Indra Kuladibar sangam and Functioned as a President of Indra kuladibar sangam. 
In 1911 he was invited to attend the function of  crowning ceremony of George V as a Emperor of India, he Requested George V  about the struggle of Kallar’s by Criminal Tribes Act,  George V suspended the Criminal Tribes Act and Kallars Expect Piranmalai Kallars were Freed from Criminal Tribes Act.


Till death he continued served as a Tamil scholar and researcher, also served for his Society and poors, He also had donated a lot of his wealth for Tamil scholar and research, Rajaliar Died on 1920 in Arituvaramangalam, Tanjure in his Age of 50