N.P. Manicham

N.P. Manicham Errthaandaar (Nadavai Parimanam Manicham Errthaandaar), Popularly Known as Makkal Thondar Manichanar, was a Major Philanthropist, Poprietor and Editor of Urimai Murasu Weekly magazine, Founder of Mukkulathor School, Tamilnadu Manavar Illam, Parimanam Primary School and General secretary of Mukkulathor Sangam.

Early Days

N.P. Manicham Errthaandaar was born in 1917 at Errthaandaar Patty, also known as Natarajapuram, a Small Village in Trichirapalli District, Tamilnadu, to Parimanam Errthaandaar and Unnamalai Ammal  in a wealthy Kallar Family.

For his Higher secondary education he joined in ER Higher Secondary School. During those days there was only Brahmin students were studying in ER school, some of his Collogues (From Brahmin Society) have asked him why he has to study while he has more wealth and vast agricultural land. Manichanar was upset because of there behavior, This discriminatory attitude made him moved to Government Higher Secondary school Lalgudi, and Become Close Friend to Anbil P. Dharmalingam, during school days itself he provided food for the poors, then he Started Kallar Hostel (Kallar Manavar Viduthi) in Lalgudi for Poors, Mr. Chandrahassan (Former Leader- Raja Rajan Kalvi Panbattu Kalagam) was also staying in that Hostel. After his studies he left back to his own Village.

Social Welfare

Before Independence there were only less no of schools in south Tamilnadu and poor children’s don’t have access to basic education and health facilities. In 1945 Manichanar, Founded Mukkulathor School in Thiruverumbur, Trichirapalli with the help of his Friends for the children’s of the poor. Nadigar Thilagam Sivaji Ganesan also has donated for that School.

He was the Founder-Editor; Publisher of Urimai Murasu, a weekly Magazine for the Welfare of Backward classes, their Education and social Status.

Manichanar Founded Tamilnadu Manavar Illam in 1954 in Kailasapuram, Trichirapalli, a hostel for orphans who either lost their father or both the parents are provided free education, food and accommodation,

Mukkulathor Sangam

He Joined with Pasumpon Muthuramalinga Thevar, P. K. Mookayya Thevar , Andiappa thevar and Served as a General Secretary of Mukkulathor Sangam.

Manichanar Participate and Led nationwide campaigns for expanding initiatives against untouchability (of Dalits), ignorance and poverty, he exhorted backward class and Scheduled Caste peoples for Self Respect.

He is the person who Made Pudhukottai Kaduvetiyar to serve for his society and Vandayar Brothers to participate in Golden Jubilee function of Mukkulathor sangam.

To portray him Mukkulathor Sangam given him a title Mukkula Vendar.

Later Life and Death

Till death he continued serve for his Society, poors, orphans, and for the upliftment of backward and Scheduled Castes. Manichanar Died on 24th October 1987 in Thiruverumbur,Trichirapalli.
His mortal remains were buried in Tamilnadu Manavar Illam.